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25-Nov-2012 Gary Cleven participates in the inaugural meeting of the ISCC Technical Committee North America

09-Oct-2012 Gary Cleven participates in the Comprehensive ISCC System Certification Seminar

02-Oct-2012 Gary Cleven participates in the Aviation Biofuels Development Conference in Washington DC

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28-Jun-2010 IATA criticizes lack of progress on volcanic ash issues in Europe [ATW]

28-Jan-2010 The solid business case for cutting carbon emissions [BusinessDay]

06-Dec-2009 The implications of the EU's ETS [Aircraft Commerce]

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Industry News

16-Nov-2012 Airbus and EADS join Chinese venture to develop algae-based jet fuels, with demo flight planned for 2013 [GreenAir Online]

15-Nov-2012 Third wave of green flight trials to get underway in Europe as part of AIRE emissions reduction programme [GreenAir Online]

09-Nov-2012 Virgin Atlantic says 2020 carbon target on track as new aircraft and fuel efficiency measures deliver savings [GreenAir Online]

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Other References

CleanSky projects

CleanSky BASE Project
Project BASE (Business Aviation for a Sustainable Environment) seeks to understand how environmental constraints affect business jet operators and attempts to work out strategies on how to make business jet operations greener.

CleanSky CARING Project
Project CARING (Contribution of Airlines for the Reduction of Industry Nuisances and Gases) aims at understanding how airlines deal with current and future environmental constraints (emissions and noise).

CleanSky FRARS-2 Project
The aim of Project FRARS-2 (Future Regional Aircraft Requirements Survey – Part 2) is to conduct a survey of airlines’ high-level requirements for future regional aircraft, with specific focus on American, Asian and African operators.

Airlines in Europe

Air France
Julien Dufour worked for Air France both as a business analyst and consultant with SH&E.

Julien Dufour worked as Commercial Director of Armavia where he launched three new routes, negotiated a reciprocal code-share agreement with Air France and interline and SPA agreements with Swiss and Air-Berlin.

Bulgaria Air
Gary Cleven worked for Bulgaria Air performing Network and Fleet Planning studies as a business consultant (with Lufthansa Consulting).

Julien Dufour designed market research, performed customer segmentation, designed new product concept and new pricing structure for LOT (with SH&E).

Gary Cleven worked for Lufthansa as a business consultant during the Redesign Project of the short, medium and long term planning processes.

Gary Cleven worked for Swissair as a business consultant in the Network and Fleet Planning Department as a liaison between the airline planners, Atraxis calibration team and Sabre.

Airlines in Africa and the Middle East

Air Namibia
Julien Dufour helped Air Namibia to reorganize its cargo unit with an emphasis on enhancing revenue management (with IATA Consulting).

Ethiopian Airlines
As part of a major restructuring project, Julien Dufour performed a full review and prepared a long term action plan of all commercial areas including pricing, revenue management, sales, distribution, promotion, customer services and cargo (with SH&E).

Gulf Air
Julien Dufour and Gary Cleven worked together on the restructuring of the Pricing & Revenue Management activities of Gulf Air and assisted in the Network and Fleet restructuring (with SH&E).

MEA & Syrianair
Julien Dufour performed a feasibility study for the establishment of a regional airline in the Middle East as a joint venture between MEA and Syrianair (with SH&E).

Royal Jordanian Airlines
As part of the privatization process of Royal Jordanian Airlines, Julien Dufour estimated the potential impact of new optimized schedule and Oneworld membership on RJ's traffic for business planning purposes (with SH&E and Citigroup).

Saudi Arabian Airlines
Gary Cleven worked on the Network and Fleet restructuring of Saudi Arabian Airlines (with Lufthansa Consulting).

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines
Julien Dufour participated in the restructuring and privatization of TACV Cabo Verde Airlines, prepared a detailed restructuring plan of all commercial areas and developed a comprehensive 5-year business plan (with Sterling Merchant Finance).

Airlines in North and South America

Julien Dufour developed a re-organization and turn-around plan for Aerosur.

American Airlines
Gary Cleven worked for American Airlines performing hub restructuring and fleet planning studies and implemented a new fleet planning process. He worked with Sabre to implement improvements to the passenger, revenue and cost forecasting and fleet optimization models.

Canadian Airlines
Gary Cleven worked for Canadian Airlines in the areas of network, fleet and business planning.

Lloyd Aereo Boliviano
Gary Cleven worked on the restructuring of Lloyd Aereo Boliviano (with Lufthansa Consulting).

Gary Cleven worked at Mexicana to train a team of analysts in the use of Sabre’s scheduling, forecasting and optimization software (with Sabre Consulting)

Airlines in the Asia-Pacific region

Air China
Gary Cleven worked on a project for Air China (with Lufthansa Systems and Airbus China).

Thai Airways
Julien Dufour conducted a strategic review of Thai Airways' corporate plan and business strategy (with SH&E).

Aviation consultancies and financial institutions

IATA Consulting
Julien Dufour worked on behalf of IATA Consulting as freelance consultant on projects in Algeria and Namibia.

For the IFC, Julien Dufour reviewed the privatization process, and analyzed the pre- and post-privatization results of Kenya Airways.

Lufthansa Consulting
Gary Cleven worked extensively with Lufthansa Consulting on airline planning and restructuring projects in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Lufthansa Systems
Gary Cleven worked with Lufthansa Systems on Lufthansa Redesign project and at Air China and Airbus China for the A380 study.

RDG Solutions
Julien Dufour worked on behalf of RDG Solutions as Associate Director on several projects.

Gary Cleven has worked on several projects closely with Sabre software developers, calibrators and Sabre Consulting.

Julien Dufour and Gary Cleven worked for several years with SH&E providing consulting services to a wide portfolio of customers worldwide.

World Bank
Julien Dufour worked on several World Bank funded projects in Madagascar, Algeria and Cape Verde.

Aircraft manufacturers

Gary Cleven worked with Airbus China in Beijing during the Air China A380 study with Lufthansa Systems.

Gary Cleven worked with the Boeing business and technical teams in Seattle and Vancouver, Canada to develop and implement ValSim (Value Simulation) software to assist the Boeing Commercial Aviation Services (CAS) Sales organization.