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25-Nov-2012 Gary Cleven participates in the inaugural meeting of the ISCC Technical Committee North America

09-Oct-2012 Gary Cleven participates in the Comprehensive ISCC System Certification Seminar

02-Oct-2012 Gary Cleven participates in the Aviation Biofuels Development Conference in Washington DC

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28-Jun-2010 IATA criticizes lack of progress on volcanic ash issues in Europe [ATW]

28-Jan-2010 The solid business case for cutting carbon emissions [BusinessDay]

06-Dec-2009 The implications of the EU's ETS [Aircraft Commerce]

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16-Nov-2012 Airbus and EADS join Chinese venture to develop algae-based jet fuels, with demo flight planned for 2013 [GreenAir Online]

15-Nov-2012 Third wave of green flight trials to get underway in Europe as part of AIRE emissions reduction programme [GreenAir Online]

09-Nov-2012 Virgin Atlantic says 2020 carbon target on track as new aircraft and fuel efficiency measures deliver savings [GreenAir Online]

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Julien DufourJulien Dufour

Julien Dufour is an international environmental expert, verifier, researcher, speaker and moderator for the Aviation sector (airlines and business jet operators).

Julien is Founder, CEO and EU ETS Lead Auditor with VerifAvia, a verification body of greenhouse gas emissions for the aviation sector. He is also Director of Aviation Carbon Events and co-organiser of Aviation Carbon 2012 and Aviation Carbon 2013. Julien has participated in three CleanSky projects: CARINGBASE and FRARS-2.

Before the inclusion of Aviation in the EU ETS, Julien was an international aviation consultant. He worked on aviation projects for airlines, airports, governments and financial institutions in over 30 countries worldwide on behalf of ICF SH&EIATA Consulting and RDG-Solutions. Julien started his career with Air France and was also commercial director of Armavia Airlines. 

Julien is also a private pilot, he is based in Paris and speaks English, French and Spanish.

- Co-organiser & moderator, Aviation Carbon 2013, EU ETS Compliance and Prospects for a Global Scheme, London Heathrow, February 2013
- Speaker on Impact of the EU ETS at the MRO Europe 2012, Amsterdam, October 2012
- Co-organiser & moderator, Aviation Carbon 2012, Carbon Planning & Trading Strategies for Airlines, London Heathrow, February 2012
- Trainer on Inclusion of Aviation in EU ETS Training Course, Istanbul, August 2011

- Moderator on Environmental Trading Schemes: Are you Compliant? at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE2011), Geneva, May 2011
- Speaker on ETS ROADMAP: STATUS UPDATE at the 25th Annual Geneva Aircraft Finance & Commercial Aviation Forum, Geneva, February 2011
- Speaker on The Road to EU ETS Verification: How to get ready, best practices & common mistakes at the 4th Flight Operations Conference, Amsterdam, Dec 2010
- Speaker on The EU ETS Verification Process, FNAM/DGAC Verification Workshop, Paris, 28 June 2010
- Speaker on EU ETS Verification: a legal perspective, 3rd Annual Eco-Aviation Conference, Washington D.C., 24 June 2010
- Speaker on Conclusion of EU ETS start-up year: implementation issues, IT, impact & way forward at the 3rd Flight Operations Conference, Amsterdam, Dec 2009
- Speaker on EU ETS Principles, Compliance and Impact at the NBAA 62nd Annual Meeting & Convention, Orlando, October 2009
- Conclusions of
AF KLM OMNES seminar Impacts & Outlook of the Crisis on Air Transport, Paris-CDG, May 2009

- EEX: Spot Market training natural gas and EUA, London, July 2011
- External Lead Verifier (EU ETS), Reading, March 2010
- Green Aviation Airline ETS Masterclass, London, June 2009
- UK Environment Agency EU ETS Aviation Seminar, London, June 2009
- French CAA Aviation ETS Workshop, Paris, June 2009

Gary ClevenGary Cleven

Gary Cleven is an international environmental expert, aviation researcher, sustainable biofuels consultant, RSB and ISCC biofuel auditor, EU ETS verifier and airline management consultant.

As consultant with SustainAvia, Gary works in the biofuel industry consulting and auditing compliance with the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB) and International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) standards. Also, Gary works as an aviation researcher and interviewed many airlines worldwide during the EU CleanSky project FRARS-2.

Since 2010, as an EU ETS Lead Auditor with VerifAvia, Gary has performed more than 60 EU ETS audits for over 40 airlines and aviation operators worldwide reporting to ten different European regulators. In 2009, he advised airlines worldwide regarding the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) regulatory requirements and internal business process, organizational and IT changes required during the preparation and implementation of the EU ETS monitoring plans.

Gary has almost 25 years of international aviation experience including EU ETS for aviation, airline restructuring, network and fleet planning, hub restructuring, revenue management, budgeting, business planning, IT development and implementation projects in more than 20 countries worldwide. He has worked at Canadian Airlines, American Airlines and projects with Lufthansa Airlines, Lufthansa Systems, Lufthansa Consulting, Swissair, Sabre Consulting, SH&E, Boeing and Airbus.

For more information on Gary's consulting projects, please click here.


Aviation Carbon 2013, EU ETS Compliance and Prospects for a Global Scheme, London Heathrow, February 2013

ISCC Technical Committee North America, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, November 2012

Aviation Biofuels Development Conference, Washington, DC, USA, October 2012

Aviation Carbon 2012, Carbon Planning & Trading Strategies for Airlines, London Heathrow, February 2012

- Bombardier Airline Executive SeminarSpeaker: Trends In Fuel Efficiency Improvement Programs & Industry Impact, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, September 2011


- ISCC Biofuel Auditor: ISCC System Certification Seminar, International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), Cologne, Germany, October 2012

- RSB Biofuel Auditor: Auditor Training Course, Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 2011

- External Lead Verifier (EU ETS), Reading, UK, March 2010

- French CAA Aviation ETS Workshop, Paris, France, June 2009

Tobias KonikTobias Konik

Tobias is an international young aviation expert who works for the industry as verifier and economic researcher.

Tobias is in charge of the small emitter verification at VerifAvia. Since joining VerifAvia in January 2011, he performed European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) verification audit of more than 300 operators from 40 countries and reporting to 20 different EU competent authorities. Besides his work as EU ETS lead auditor, Tobias is involved in a number of research projects which aim to understand how environmental regulation affects the aviation industry. For instance, he contributed to the EU co-funded projects CleanSky CARING and BASE. Tobias analyzed the impact of emission and noise regulation on commercial and non-commercial aircraft operators.

Tobias studied Economics in Germany and France. He came to aviation when writing his master's thesis about the inclusion of aviation into the EU ETS. Tobias analyzed the impact of the allocation mechanism on the airline's competitiveness and the economic and environmental performance of the scheme. He graduated as M.Sc. end of 2010.

Tobias is fluent in English, French and German.

- The effect of ETS on aircraft purshasing, Regional International