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25-Nov-2012 Gary Cleven participates in the inaugural meeting of the ISCC Technical Committee North America

09-Oct-2012 Gary Cleven participates in the Comprehensive ISCC System Certification Seminar

02-Oct-2012 Gary Cleven participates in the Aviation Biofuels Development Conference in Washington DC

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In The Press

28-Jun-2010 IATA criticizes lack of progress on volcanic ash issues in Europe [ATW]

28-Jan-2010 The solid business case for cutting carbon emissions [BusinessDay]

06-Dec-2009 The implications of the EU's ETS [Aircraft Commerce]

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Industry News

16-Nov-2012 Airbus and EADS join Chinese venture to develop algae-based jet fuels, with demo flight planned for 2013 [GreenAir Online]

15-Nov-2012 Third wave of green flight trials to get underway in Europe as part of AIRE emissions reduction programme [GreenAir Online]

09-Nov-2012 Virgin Atlantic says 2020 carbon target on track as new aircraft and fuel efficiency measures deliver savings [GreenAir Online]

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RSB Certification

SustainAvia provides Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB) consulting and audit services (via an accredited Certification Body) to companies interested in obtaining RSB certification.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB) is an international bioenergy standard developed and maintained by the Energy Center at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland. Since 2006 the RSB has worked with thousands of organizations and individuals throughout the world to develop a global bioenergy standard with widespread recognition.

The RSB standard describes the requirements that entities along the biofuel supply chain must follow to ensure that biofuels deliver on their promise of sustainability by benefiting energy security and rural development, protecting natural resources and human rights and offering greenhouse gas emissions reductions as compared to fossil fuels.

RSB certification has been recognized by the European Commission as meeting the EU Renewable Energy Directive sustainability criteria.

SustainAvia consulting services include training programs and internal management system implementation to meet the RSB Sustainability Standards, including the 'Principles and Criteria' and 'Chain of Custody' requirements, RSB Tools and Guidelines, including the GHG Calculation and GHG Tool. These services are highly recommended for potential RSB Participating Operators (legal entities or natural persons producing, converting, processing, blending, trading or otherwise handling biomass and/or biofuels and participating in the RSB certification systems) for the participation of operations 'producing, converting, processing, trading and using biomass/biofuels' and 'acquiring, handling, and forwarding RSB compliant biomass/biofuels' in the RSB certification systems.

The RSB Services Foundation is a US-based non-profit organization to implement the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels' sustainability standard and works with companies that wish to become certified and third party verifiers (i.e. Certification Bodies) to maintain the tools and internal systems for the RSB certification process.

Please contact us to discuss Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB) consulting and audit services further.