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25-Nov-2012 Gary Cleven participates in the inaugural meeting of the ISCC Technical Committee North America

09-Oct-2012 Gary Cleven participates in the Comprehensive ISCC System Certification Seminar

02-Oct-2012 Gary Cleven participates in the Aviation Biofuels Development Conference in Washington DC

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28-Jun-2010 IATA criticizes lack of progress on volcanic ash issues in Europe [ATW]

28-Jan-2010 The solid business case for cutting carbon emissions [BusinessDay]

06-Dec-2009 The implications of the EU's ETS [Aircraft Commerce]

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16-Nov-2012 Airbus and EADS join Chinese venture to develop algae-based jet fuels, with demo flight planned for 2013 [GreenAir Online]

15-Nov-2012 Third wave of green flight trials to get underway in Europe as part of AIRE emissions reduction programme [GreenAir Online]

09-Nov-2012 Virgin Atlantic says 2020 carbon target on track as new aircraft and fuel efficiency measures deliver savings [GreenAir Online]

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BASE Project

Project BASE (Business Aviation for a Sustainable Environment) sought to understand how environmental constraints affect business jet operators and attempted to work out strategies on how to make business jet operations greener.


The project BASE pursued three main objectives in line with CleanSky’s SGO ITD:

For trajectory data, the consortium members worked with multiple operators (taxi, charter, corporate travel and shared ownership) to record FDR data on a variety of routes, aircraft (Falcon, Global Express, GulfStream, etc.) and approaches that are relevant for an environmental study. Data was then be analyzed and synthesized for use within the CleanSky simulator.

For operating costs and practices, the consortium members used their existing knowledge and portfolio of business jet operator customers and contacts. They surveyed existing best operating practices stressing in particular the role of pilots, dispatchers, flight ops engineers, and analyzed the operating costs by business model.

They also analyzed the costs of environmental constraints and expectations of business aviation operators in terms of flight optimization and integrated solutions to alleviate the environmental constraints.

The consortium involved OpenAirlines and SustainAvia/VerifAvia who had extensive experience in aviation and the environment, FDR data analysis, flight ops & costs. Both companies successfully collaborated on the CARING Project. They did regular business with the business jet operators (EU ETS verification) and secured informal participation from several operators to the project.

Scope of Work

Analyzing trajectories and emissions

BASE recorded flight data parameters, second by second, from various business jets on actual flights. This data was then analyzed with scientific and mathematic techniques to understand their variation and dispersion in order to identify opportunities to reduce fuel consumption, emissions (CO2, NOx, CO, HC) and noise. BASE delivered short-term improvements (best-practices) as well as medium-term improvements (avionics).

Understanding environmental constraints & economic impact

BASE surveyed all the existing and future environmental constraints worldwide applicable to business aviation, and surveyed business jet operators to understand the cost impact of these regulations and how business jet operators adapt their strategy and operations.

BASE survey

The consortium members prepared a comprehensive survey that was dispatched to more than 500 business aviation operators worldwide. The survey was completed by more than 100 business jet operators.

Each section of this survey contained carefully pre-selected questions which went to the heart of the research interest. The survey was designed such as to make the completion of the online form as easy as possible. It combined a limited number of qualitative and quantitative questions.

The outcome of the survey analysis was compared with statements obtained during interviews with business aviation experts (operators, aircraft manufacturers and trade associations). The final paper includes new insights into business jet aviation cost structures and provides valuable information on how operators react on environmental constraints.


CleanSky BASE - Survey of flight ops organization and existing / future fight optimization techniques used by business jet operators
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CleanSky BASE - Introduction into Business Aviation & Operating Cost Analysis
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CleanSky BASE - The Costs of Environmental Constraints for Business Aviation
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